Newborns. Squishy little loves with no sleep habits.
But that means they can learn them! Teaching your baby to fall asleep independently early on (beginning around 6-8 weeks old) is the secret to catching dreams in the newborn stage and beyond. Using gentle sleep shaping methods (not sleep training), you’ll gradually teach your baby to fall asleep on their own and be well on your way to healthy long lasting sleep habits. These packages include everything I wish I knew when I was a first-time mom! Intended for babies 0-3 months and expectant parents.
Following the 90 minute Newborn Sleep Consultation you’ll be able to:

· Understand sleep milestones and what’s normal for newborn sleep
· Implement safe sleep practices
· Design the ideal sleep environment for the most restorative sleep
· Develop a soothing routine for all sleep periods
· Establish a flexible schedule for your newborn
· Understand sleep associations, how they are formed and which are beneficial
· Soothe your baby using gentle sleep shaping techniques (starting around 6-8 weeks old) while teaching them how to fall asleep independently and extend their sleep periods



Understand sleep milestones from 0-16 weeks

  • 90-minute live Newborn Sleep Education Session

    so you'll be able to...

    · Understand sleep milestones 
    · Implement safe sleep practices
    · Design the ideal sleep environment
    · Develop a soothing routine
    · Establish a flexible schedule
    · Understand sleep associations

  • Newborn questionnaire

Start Catching Dreams



Have me in your back pocket through the entire newborn stage and sleep shaping process

  • Everything in the Preferred Package, plus:
  • 6 weekly 20-minute support phone calls following the week of unlimited support

  • 2 bonus 20-minute calls to use anytime before 16 weeks old

  • unlimited continued access to the sleep log app

  • weekly feedback and advice based on the sleep log
Start Catching Dreams