Is In-Home Sleep Training Support Right for You?

All the Feels

It’s night 1 of sleep training, you’re determined to make sleep better for your family, you know it’s what you want, but you’re feeling anxious…worried…nervous maybe even scared about the night to come. Maybe any sort of crying is really triggering for you.

Now picture this: Instead of going at it alone you have me, by your side, the entire night from 6 pm to 6 am! How do you feel now? More confident, more at ease, feeling like you’ll actually be able to stick to the sleep training plan? This is what my clients express to me every single time I provide overnight in-home sleep training support as part of my Ultimate Package

“I wouldn’t have survived without overnights. Stephanie was the best support for those nights and I recommend the overnights to anyone and everyone I can!”

– Savannah V, mom to 6 month old Baby ‘S’

Parents who are having “all the feels” about sleep training choose in-home support more often than not. Moms who have postpartum depression, anxiety or who have been chronically sleep deprived also tend to choose overnight in home support when sleep training. 

Full Service Support

Overnight support may be right for you if you enjoy full service support. Maybe you had a postpartum doula stay with you or a baby nurse at night. Families who prefer in person interaction versus virtual choose overnight support. 

On the flip side, parents who have little outside help also choose in-home support because they need it! Another situation could be that one parent works long hours and the other parent wants a partner in the sleep training process.

She knew her stuff and was very patient/supportive. We had Stephanie come through the training process overnight and it was totally seamless. Definity call Stephanie if you like sleep!

Amy M, mom to 5 month old Baby ‘J’


Parents who want to feel certain that they are implementing the sleep training method correctly choose in-home overnight support. I will be with you during bedtime and every night waking, coaching you through every step of the sleep plan. I will point out what soothing your little one is doing. In my experience, most parents don’t realize how much of what their child is doing is actually soothing behavior and not protesting. 

“We could have never stuck to the plan without Stephanie being in our home with us. No doubt.”

Casey N, dad to 5 year old “C” and 2 year old ‘R’, sisters sharing a bedroom 

Are you in? Or still contemplating?

Either way the next step is to check out the Package Details and book an Intro Call with me. You’ll share what is going on with your little one’s sleep and we will decide on what is the best package option for your family.

“Stephanie makes MAGIC happen…we opted into the package that included two full-nights of in-home help. After the first night, a switch was flipped!!. My son now LOVES his new bedtime routine and gets the sleep he needs. Not to mention, the parents get their lives back. Thank you, Stephanie!”

Brenna L, mom to 3 year old ‘C’

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