Handling Your Little One’s Sleep on July 4th

July 4th is just around the corner! BBQs, swimming, and late night fireworks are the perfect way to spend the day but what about your little one’s sleep schedule?!? I’ve got you covered! I’m sharing all of my tips on handling your little one’s sleep on July 4th. You can enjoy the holiday and preserve your kiddo’s sleep!

Daytime Sleep on July 4th 

First, let’s start with how to handle naps today. For babies who are taking multiple naps per day, opt for the morning nap at home in the crib and then venture out. This will give them a solid start to the day and sets them up for a successful day. Then do their afternoon nap(s) “on the go” in the car, stroller or carrier.  

For toddlers who are only taking one midday nap, a nap on the go is also a good option. If you are driving somewhere, time your car ride with their nap and take the scenic route! We want your little one to get at least one hour to snooze. 

If you’re headed to someone’s home in time for a nap, bring a pack ‘n’ play with you. Don’t forget a travel white noise machine to help block out party noise. Black garbage bags are awesome to blackout the room. Use blue tape to hang them up so you don’t mess up anyone’s walls. Also, remember to bring a sheet from home. This will all help them sleep better in an unfamiliar environment!

Nighttime Sleep on July 4th: Early Bedtime or Late Night Fireworks?

My answer: either one! This choice is really about what traditions look like in your family and there isn’t a wrong answer. Here’s how to handle both choices. 

Early Bedtime Route

If partying all day was enough for your little one and daytime sleep was less than ideal, use an early bedtime. If that car nap didn’t go so great and they only slept 30 minutes, shoot for a 6 pm bedtime instead of your usual 7 pm bedtime.

Or if they skipped a nap altogether than a *super* early bedtime, even as early as 5:30 pm can be needed. In general, put your little one down for sleep 15 to 60 minutes earlier than their usual bedtime. This will keep them from getting too overtired. Don’t worry though…they won’t wake earlier in the morning. In fact, later bedtimes lead to more early morning wakings than early ones do! 

Late Night

If you decide you do want your little one to stay up and enjoy the fireworks show, then that’s awesome too! Before you get in the car to head home, put on a fresh diaper and clean pajamas. They’ll be easier to transfer if they conch out in the car. 

If they are still awake when you get home, it’s important to still do your bedtime routine. They will likely be hyped up because they’ve gotten a second wind by this time of night. Don’t skip steps in your routine. Your kiddo is going to need that routine to help them calm down and transition into a calmer state. 

Also, expect that they might need more support falling asleep tonight. Offer some extra cuddles at bedtime. You kiddo may also wake more frequently than they usually do. They’re overtired and sleep is harder when you’re overtired. Support them through it and provide some extra comfort. 

Use White Noise

No matter what time your child heads off to bed, be sure to double up on white noise machines tonight! Fireworks are LOUD and if your neighborhood is anything like mine they also last well into the night. The last thing you want is for your peacefully sleeping and exhausted child to be woken up by a loud boom! 

What to do on July 5th

The day after “lack of sleep “hangover” is real! Now, it’s time to get back on track. Stick to your little one’s usual schedule. If they are extra cranky or didn’t sleep well last night, it’s a good idea to use an early bedtime to recoup some of the lost sleep that happened yesterday. The good news is they should be back to their normal well-rested self within a day or two. 

If you’re reading this and wondering how to get your little one to sleep well in the first place, feel free to reach out and book an Intro Call so we can chat about working together. It’s my goal to have every family getting the rest they so deserve! 

I hope you enjoy your July 4th holiday and your little one handles their sleep like a pro! But if they don’t, oh well! Chalk it up as a crummy sleep day and move on! 

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