12-Month Sleep Regression

Happy first birthday! 🥳 Your gift is the 12-month sleep regression…just kidding! But in all seriousness, you did it! You kept a little human alive for one whole year! That is a serious accomplishment so give yourself a high five and grab a yummy snack before diving in to learn about the 12-month sleep regression.  Something important I want you … Read More

8 Month Sleep Regression

During my new mom, pre-sleep consultant years, I didn’t even know that a sleep regression was a thing. Cue my baby turning 8 months old and sleep getting even worse than it was before.  And trust me, it had been bad for months prior to the 8 month sleep regression. I was at the end of my rope so we … Read More

The 2 Year Old Sleep Regression 

Terrible twos? Nope, not here! I prefer “tenacious twos” or “terrific twos”. Two year olds are so darn cool! They’re coming into their own, showing off their personalities, craving independence and autonomy all while they’re growth and development is exploding! Whoa, right?! That’s a lot! Plus with all of that amazing development, we commonly see the 2 year old sleep … Read More

18-Month Sleep Regression: Getting Sleep Back on Track

Your sweet baby is now a full blown toddler by 18-months old! It’s been smooth sailing with sleep and then the 18-month sleep regression hits and your little one is suddenly waking multiple times at night, fighting bedtime and skipping naps! Exhausting! Let’s dive into the causes and what to do to get through the 18-month sleep regression.  The most … Read More