The Crib to Bed Transition

So you’re thinking it’s time to make the leap from a crib to a bed? To make the crib to bed transition, preparation is key! Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to go! Timing is Everything When it comes to the crib to bed transition, timing is truly everything and I’m not just talking about age but that is … Read More

3 to 2 Nap Transition 

The good news is the 3 to 2 nap transition is one of the easiest if you do it right…and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it!  Before we dive in, I want you to keep in mind that all of this advice is based on your little one having independent sleep skills. If they don’t, then … Read More

8 Month Sleep Regression

During my new mom, pre-sleep consultant years, I didn’t even know that a sleep regression was a thing. Cue my baby turning 8 months old and sleep getting even worse than it was before.  And trust me, it had been bad for months prior to the 8 month sleep regression. I was at the end of my rope so we … Read More

The 2 Year Old Sleep Regression 

Terrible twos? Nope, not here! I prefer “tenacious twos” or “terrific twos”. Two year olds are so darn cool! They’re coming into their own, showing off their personalities, craving independence and autonomy all while they’re growth and development is exploding! Whoa, right?! That’s a lot! Plus with all of that amazing development, we commonly see the 2 year old sleep … Read More

18-Month Sleep Regression: Getting Sleep Back on Track

Your sweet baby is now a full blown toddler by 18-months old! It’s been smooth sailing with sleep and then the 18-month sleep regression hits and your little one is suddenly waking multiple times at night, fighting bedtime and skipping naps! Exhausting! Let’s dive into the causes and what to do to get through the 18-month sleep regression.  The most … Read More

2 to 1 Nap Transition

The 2 to 1 nap transition can be a doozy. Your little one now has to go from being awake for about 3-4 hours at a time to 5-6 hours at a time. That’s a big jump but don’t worry I’ve got you covered!  Before we dive in, I want you to keep in mind that all of this advice … Read More

Sleep Training 101

Let’s talk sleep training! First, what is it? Sleep training is any method used to teach a child how to sleep independently. Let’s dive into some basics. Then, we’ll chat about methods. The Basics When is the right time to sleep train? First, consider your baby’s age! Are they 4 months adjusted or older? Then, yes this could be the … Read More

Handling Your Little One’s Sleep on July 4th

July 4th is just around the corner! BBQs, swimming, and late night fireworks are the perfect way to spend the day but what about your little one’s sleep schedule?!? I’ve got you covered! I’m sharing all of my tips on handling your little one’s sleep on July 4th. You can enjoy the holiday and preserve your kiddo’s sleep! Daytime Sleep … Read More

Daylight Savings Time Spring Forward 2022

On Sunday March 13, 2022 Daylight Savings Time ends as we “spring forward”. At 2 am our clocks will jump to 3 am resulting in us “losing” an hour of sleep!  This means if your child normally wakes at 7 am, the clock will now show 8 am (if you do nothing to prepare). This also means when bedtime rolls … Read More

How To Read Your Baby’s Sleepy Cues

If you have a little one, you’ve certainly heard of sleepy cues but you also might be a little confused because not all sleepy cues mean the same thing. Let’s talk about how to read your baby’s sleepy cues and why they matter! Here we go! Early Sleepy Cues: Start My Sleep Routine, Please! When you start seeing these early … Read More