Hey there! I'm Stephanie.
Confession time… I’m a well-rested mama but I wasn’t always.

Five years ago, I was (like) you. First time mom. Exhausted. At my wits end. Going down the google rabbit hole of baby sleep. Reading article after article finding contradictory information and not knowing what to believe. What was based in fact and what was just people’s opinions? I worried letting my baby cry or doing any kind of sleep training would hurt her (spoiler- it won’t). Up allll night, constantly replacing the paci or nursing or rocking my daughter back to sleep. Driving around half the day to get her to finally nap if only for half an hour. Any of that sound familiar? When we work together you can know I’ve been there myself!

When I hired a Family Sleep Institute (FSI) trained sleep consultant, my whole freaking world changed…practically overnight. Going from completely and utterly exhausted to well rested gave me my sanity back and I could enjoy motherhood again. I suddenly had a well rested baby, on a consistent nap schedule, sleeping 11-12 hours straight through the night. It was like magic! But guess what, it’s not. It’s sleep science in action and I learned it all during my 250+ hours of training at the FSI, the top sleep consulting program in the world. Now, let’s get you more sleep!

And then kids will be kids…

Enter toddlerhood...my sweet baby now voiced her own opinions, wanted to assert her independence and tested boundaries, exactly what her job is. The traditional ways of time out, punishment and scolding didn’t feel right to me and were completely ineffective. I felt there had to be a better way and discovered positive parenting and discipline. I dove in full force and created my own self-study. I read books, took workshops, and listened to podcasts by top researchers in the field. After witnessing the incredible shift from power struggles to harmony in my own home, I knew I needed to learn it all and share it with other parents who were struggling like I had been. That is when I enrolled in the Child Behavior Certification Program at the Early Years and became a Positive Parenting Coach.

I combine my 10+ years of experience as an educator and my knowledge of child behavior and positive discipline to teach you practical solutions to everyday parenting struggles resulting in a more connected family.

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  • Child Sleep Consultant certified by the Family Sleep Institute
  • Child Behavior Certification in Parent Coaching by The Early Years
  • Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Exceptional Student Education
  • 15+ years classroom teaching experience
  • Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Homes, Becky Bailey, PhD
  • Sleep Consulting with Families Who Have Children with Special Needs, Debbie Sasson, PsyD
  • Parent Coaching, Sasha Carr, PhD
  • Mindfulness and Sleep Training, Katie Kovaleski
  • Mama to 2 daughters
  • Sleep lover + conscious discipline obsessed

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